Science-technical partnership and development


According to its missions the CRSTRA attends to develop scientific knowledge and decision making tools to support sustainable development in arid regions and/or threatened by drought and desertification(Saharan space covering more than 02 million km² that 4/5 of national territory ) .

The vastness of territory , the diversity of ecosystem(oasis, steppe and saharan rangelands, wetlands, dunes field … )their advantages(material and non material heritage) but even their vulnerability face to the natural risks and/or anthropogenic (drought, desertification, silting, salinization of irrigated areas, spates and floods, pollution, decrease of biodiversity...)involve a management of research issues by thematic and spatial priorities. For this the observation and constant monitoring in this environment in physical, biological and socio-economic point of view through an observation network and transfer support by experimentation, precisely constitute the privilege tools of the Centre on the water issue, agriculture Saharan Africa, the potential risks associated with climate or programs and development policies.

Also requires the establishment of a partnerships network with different sectors both nationally and locally for scientific and technical support and assistance through:

  • Arrangement of common project from the ground realities
  • Development of tools to aid decision (Standards, standards, prototypes, maps, management models, etc ...).
  • Training and management.
  • Awareness and warning message transfer for prevention toward risks and challenges.
  • The dissemination of research results potentially transferable.
  • Analysis and amendment of files relating to various aspects of socio-economic development.
  • etc …
Ministry of the interior of local collectivities

Local authorities
  • The center is a member of the "monitoring and evaluation" cell related to development programs at the level of the state of Biskra and Ouargla.
  • At the demand of the local authorities of the state, the center organizes certain events related to its programs.
  • Organization and animation of the day of the date supported by an introductory conference on "date palm farming as a factor of stability in Saharan environment" Nov. 2006.
  • Opening conference of the international tourism exhibition in 2007at the demand from the Wali of Biskra. (conference on ecotourism in Saharan environment) where it was invited about sixty ambassadors
  • Setting up of a research project to solve the problem of silting of the commune El-Goug at the demand of local authorities of the State of Ouargla, Daira of Temacine, 2007
  • Scientific contribution and debates animation at the national day on silting at the demand of the local authorities of the State of Tamanrasset (April 2008).
  • Workshop of International training on natural disasters 2009, open to practicing managers and technical agents and trainees in arid and semi-arid regions
  • Execution of a project on the role of local authorities in risk management in coordination with Mr the Wali of Biskra and within the framework of an international working group of the Euro-Mediterranean network on major risks where CRSTRA is a permanent member (2009-2010). A copy of the document resulting from this work has been sent to our supervision.
  • In closed collaboration with Mr. the Wali and in order to benefit the maximum persons of international trainings organized by the center:

Framework training from of different states of the arid regions on management and adaptation strategies to climate risks:

    • 2012: training about twenty executive managers of Biskra;
    • 2013: training about twenty managers from the states of arid and semi-arid regions
  • Transmission to the authorities of decision support tools produced by the Center (maps, data sheets, etc.)
  • Proposal for a prototype of a technopole of date. Proposal and elaboration of a technical sheet for the creation of a nursery specific for Saharan regions
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development AC
  • Popularization (exhibitions, open day, forum, workshops). In the same way, a researcher from bioressources station of El Outaya has provided a daily program on the local radio Ziban on agriculture and sustainable development since 2010. Other researchers and the Director of the Center periodically contribute to thematic programs on the national radio (channel I, channel III) and on the national television.
  • Alert / Awareness (preservation of Agro biodiversity, water economy at parcel ....)
  • Training at the demand (2013 and planned for 2014, for the benefit of the farmers and agricultural managers of the states of Tindouf, Illizi, Tamanrasset, Bechar, El Oued, Ouargla, Adrar and Biskra ...)
  • Workshop on Agro Ecology co-organized by the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture and French Ministry of Agriculture at the request / UN meeting on food security / FAO, Rome 2013 / conference and + demonstration products.
  • Phenological monitoring network, (following the impact of climate change on the date palm tree and the oasis environment in general). The project covers an oasis network East to West involving Farmers and Researchers.
  • Observatory network on desertification observation co-conducted with the HCDS through the observation stations in the framework of a convention signed in 2010.
  • Some research projects are carried out directly at the level of agricultural farming (NRP for example: conservation of dates and NRP: water economy at the parcel).
  • As a member of the ONC contribution to the report and to workshops (national and regional) for the national strategy to fight against desertification and sustainable development .During the regional workshop of 2010(PAN LCD) presentation of the MESRS strategy for the subject to fight against desertification and sustainable development.
  • Experiment trial management on sheep breeding (research project) in the ITELV of Saida (convention signed in 2012) for developing exchanges .
  • Signature of a collaboration convention with the DSA ( Agricultural Service Directorate) of Biskra December 2013.

Ministry of Water Ressources AC
  • The center is a member of the monitoring and evaluation network on the exploitation of groundwater aquifer in the Ziban.
  • Observation through piezometric ANRH by researcher from the division of Water resources management and this came within the framework of a convention of tripartite ANRH/CRSTRA/ABHS.
  • Participations to thematic workshops on water and/or during the presentation of unifying project (international cooperation)
Ministry of territory arrangement and environnement AC On the national scale :

The center as a member of the observation intersectorial committee for the SNAT since 2006, provide its full contribution through :

  • Its active presence at workshop level of different country region
  • Animation of territorial engineering workshop
  • Participation in the national competition of the environment where the Director of the Center had a prize of honor June 2007 about works
On the local level:
  • Effective contribution to the World Environment Day by the work of the center and according to the issued theme.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs AC
  • Contribution to national reports related to United Nations conventions signed and notified by Algeria (biodiversity, desertification, sustainable development, RAMSAR Convention, major risks, ...)

For this; we highlight all the activities of the sector / MESRS in favor of these conventions.

  • Contribution to the study of files related to projects supported by international funds such as FME.
  • Participation in the preparation for the United Nations Conferences of the parties as members of the delegation (Japan, 2010 / Biodiversity, Brazil 2012 / Sustainable Development).
  • For 2013, the Center took an active part in the second session of the Global Platform for Major Risk Reduction (May 2013, Geneva)
  • Contribution to the launch of the 1st SPL (Local Productive System), date palm tree from the Center in 2008.
  • Presentation of an integrated development project integrated from research work (agricultural and urban waste management) hope to be inserted into the industrial tissue. During the day "1st International colloquium on business incubators and their roles in local development" November 2013 in Biskra.
  • Contribution to the analysis of the other projects presented during the forum, insisting on the implication of the university and the research centers.
  • Proposal ideas of project for the employment of young people according to the public systems(ANSEJ, ENJAM, ...)

In 2013 signature of a convention with the incubator of Biskra.

Ministry of Tourism and Crafts AC
  • Preparation and contribution to different exhibitions.
  • The center is a member of the cell which is created in 2013 for the valorization of date palm farming products of the state
  • Contribution to the scientific days organized by the sector (conferences and exhibition stand of products)
  • Realization of a CD on the valorization of about fifty tourist sites of the state of Biskra. This CD has been widely distributed to ask for an application for construction work on other sites in other parts of the country.
  • Contribution to the foundations of tourism (regional and national)
Department of Commerce AC
  • Contribution to the file study of the date and its derivatives.
  • Participation in national and international exhibitions by scientific contributions (conferences / debates / referential norms ...) in favor of the promotion of the national product.
  • Contribution to the preparation of technical supports and leaflets.
Ministry of fishing and helieutic resources AC
  • Contribution to the study days relating to priority research themes in fisheries and aquaculture sector
  • Contribution to the thematic workshop on the project to install an observation and evaluation system for the safety of fishing and aquaculture zones (2013).
  • Analysis and contribution to the file on the development of fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Throughout an experimental set-up of a program for the optimization of aquaculture in Saharan zones at the Biophysical environment station of Touggourt/CRSTRA. This is in correlation with the trials conducted in Ouargla. This will give place to more exchanges with this sector.
Ministry of transportation AC
  • Project set in partnership
  • Signature (in progress) of a convention with the SNTF management (Regional Management of Constantine) on the installation of a device to combat silting combining the dynamics of sands and local expertise
Ministry of Public Works AC
  • Projects set in partnership (PNR :National Research program)
  • Co-organization of thematic workshop / silting
Ministry of Training and Professional Education AC
  • The CRSTRA accept constantly the trainees of the centers in various disciplines (Secretariat, Computing, Human Resources, Documentation, ...)
  • Contribution to workshops relating to programs subjects.
  • Implication in the CA Administrative Committee as a representative of the MESRS Ministry of MESRS sector (High Education and Scientific Research) .
Ministry of National Education AC
  • Elaboration of a typical project of education / awareness on climate change for junior high school students in collaboration with the education sector.
  • Realization of a book (in 2 languages) and a CD (in 3 languages) widely distributed through the States of the arid and semi-arid regions to make them available to children on the level of the Municipal Libraries of the environment and Culture.
  • Organization of a competition for the benefit of educated children with / awareness on wetlands during the celebration of the World Day of Wetlands in the station of Biophysics environment of Touggourt February 2013, and in coordination with the Directorate for Education of the state of Ouargla.
It should be noted also that the CRSTRA is a member of the Scientific and Technical Evaluation Group of the RAMSAR Convention designated by MESRS (High Education and Scientific Research).
Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security AC The CRSTRA contributes to the integration of young people of DAIP and DAS by the reception of young people at the level of the different services.
Ministry of Communication AC
  • Periodical contributions to the animation of radio or television broadcasts on environmental issues, territorial arrangement, agriculture, major risks ....
  • A researcher of the CRSTRA contributes to a daily program (Ziban Local Radio on Agriculture and Sustainable Development).
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research AC
  • The CRSTRA researchers provide the supervision of the dissertations and the courses on the demand of the universities (Batna, M' sila, Biskra, Ouargla, ...)
  • The CRSTRA periodically accept students from different universities through the supervised visit of the experimental sites.
  • Co-organization of thematic workshops.
  • Contribution to the Innovation exhibitions
  • Organization of thematic workshop foundations: Foundations of agricultural research "Agro-alimentary, Environment and Climate Change (March 2012)».
  • Control of National Research Programs PNR (3, 4, 33, 34)
  • Organization Workshop of PNRs valorization dealing with the dispollution of water.
  • Contribution to intersectoral meetings on designation by the supervision.
Action with Private AC
  • Realization of a study for the realization of a Botanical Garden, (project realized in subcontracting with a regional study office)
  • The center provides water analysis and some products from transformation on the demand of farmers and craft makers.
  • A team from the Bioressources station El Outaya is conducting a project on Saffron fully involving rural women from 3 localities (Djamoura, Mâafa, Ain Zâatout) in order to transmit the techniques of managing a high value-added culture and this is done after 3 years of experimentation and observation of very interesting results.
Action with civil society AC
  • Thematic conferences / debate of socio-economic and ecological interest. Development of a technical sheet for the creation of a date palm museum.
  • Activity of awareness Education.

AC : Continuing Action