National Publications

Monitoring the evolution of tomato leafminer 'Tuta absoluta meyrick, 1917' on tomato plants under green house at El-Outaya experimental station. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No 13/2016 .

Steppe vegetation in favor of phytotherapy in the region of El Bayadh. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No 13 (2016). 14p.

The Algerian Forest in the Face of Fire: Proposal for a prevention and control System JARA Special issue: Special heat waves number .

Effect of saline stress on the morphology , physiology and the biochemistry of Acacia albida. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No 14 ..

LC-MS Phenolic composition changes and antioxidant capacities of the Saharan tree Argania spinosa leaves under salnity. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No 14.

Grain size characteristics of sands of the Grand Erg Oriental (Algeria). Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No 13.

Study of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activities of Acacia ehrenbergiana in the region of Tindouf. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA) No. 13 (2016).

Contribution of remote sensing in the study of the relation between surface states and soil-landscapes in arid environments: example of the El Outaya region (Biskra, Algeria ). Algerian Journal of Arid Environment, 59 vol. 4, No. 1, June 2014: 53-59..


Phytosanitary state and varietal diversity of the date palm in Low Sahara - Algeria. .

The cultivation of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in arid and semi-arid regions: Case of the South East of Algeria .

'Situation of the sheep breed 'El Hamra race ' in Algeria.

Continuous evaluation by synchronous measures of the area of the argania (Argania spinosa L.) in Algeria.

Hydrogeochemical characterization of the geothermal waters of the Continental Intercalaire water table of the region of Wadi Righ .

Contamination hazards of groundwaters by nitrates in arid regions. Case of the region of Biskra (Southeast of Algeria) .

Characterization and cartography of the upwelling sites in the region of Wadi Righ (Low Sahara of Algeria).

Natural lagooning: a solution for wastewater treatment in arid regions..

Irrigation water and salinization of irrigated perimeters in the valley Of the Wadi Righ.

Effects of resting on the floristic and pastoral characteristics of the steppe ranglands of the region of Laghouat (Algeria ) .

Resting: a technical management of steppe ranglands .

Note on some characteristics of the wholesale market of El-Ghrouss (State of Biskra). .

Cartograpgy of water erosion hazards by applying the Universal Equation of Soil Loss using a Geographic Information System In the watershed of El Hamel (Boussaâda) .

Vulnerability to the floods in the Saharan regions. Case of Doucen.

: Comparative study between localized irrigation and the practice of submersion. 1st International Seminar on Water Resources in the Sahara: Evaluation, Economy and Protection, 19 and 20 January 2011 (Ouargla) P110-116.

Floristic inventory of the Ziban region .

Psammophilous plant formations in the Ziban region.

Effect of the type of irrigation on the production parameters of the organic tomato crop under cover in the El Outaya Plain.

Effect of mulching (black plastic) on the evolution of the ophidian fauna and its natural enemies on pepper -poivron conducts under glass plastic.

Effect of mulching (black plastic) on the development and production of peppers and peppers of Ziban..

Determination of the vulnerability of water to pollution by different methods: case of the phreatic groundwater of Biskra South of Algeria. Algerian Journal of the Arid Region N ° 08 -2009 ISSN 1112-3273 .

Use of traditional methods to combat silting in Low Algerian Sahara: the heap of earth. Algerian Journal of Arid Regions. No 08. pp. 107-117. .

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Notes on tomato infestation under greenhouse by TutaabsolutaMeyr (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae). Algerian Journal of Arid Region No 07 -2008.