Seminars and worksops

National Exhibition of Research, Algiers[18-21 May 2017]CommunicationAlbum
National Seminar on Potentialities and prospects for Local and Territorial Development in the region of Laghouat[29 May 2016]CommunicationPDFAlbum
Sheep day [14-15 November 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Dates day [14-15 November 2015]CommunicationAlbum
workshop on heatwave risks album International and adaptation strategies (french)[08-09 November 2015 ]CommunicationAlbum
Alimentation scientific day (arabic)[18 October 2015]CommunicationAlbum
International exhibition of fishing and aquaculture (French)[01-04 October 2015]CommunicationAlbum
The accounting workers day (French) [30 September 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Taouiala : world day of fight against drought and disertification (Arabic)[16 June 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Invitation to a conference debate The event will run Wednesday, Biskra[May 13,2015, Biskra]CommunicationAlbum
Regional colloquium of south state on the evaluation of secondary school (Arabic)[25-26 April 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Direction of urban planing ,architecture and construction : organisation of a study day /a view as amended by the excecutive decree N°15-19 about the way of preparing and delivering of urban contracts (Arabic)[23 April 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Reference term :workshop about the condition and the perspective of the scientific research monitoring and evaluation of wet zones (French) [24-25 February 2015]CommunicationAlbum
General union of Algerian workers / fifth conference of the local union of Biskra (Arabic)[10 February 2015]CommunicationAlbum
world day of wetlands (French)[02 February 2015]CommunicationAlbum
Evaluation of agriculture systems of vegetable crops in protected greenhouse (Arabic)[25 December 2014]CommunicationAlbum
Visit of Mr the director of the scientific research (French)[06 December 2014]CommunicationAlbum
Contribution to the study of heatwaves in Algeria (case of Oran and Bechar) (French)[05 November 2014]CommunicationAlbum
Celebration of the world day of fight against desertification and drought CRSTRA Biskra (French).[17 June 2014]CommunicationAlbum
Regional and Technical day about urban and technics caracteristics on south state buildings (Arabic)[10 June 2014]CommunicationAlbum
Regional forum Biskra (Arabic)[08-09 April 2014]CommunicationAlbum
National meeting on regional tourism development (Arabic)[27 February 2014]Album
International colloquium (Study trajectories and personalization of engineers / Magrebins forms abroad)(French)[14-16 February 2014]CommunicationAlbum
World Wetlands Day under the theme 'Wetlands and agriculture', Station Touggourt (French)[02 February 2014]Album
Project Graund watre ARENA (French) [03 December 2013]CommunicationAlbum
International Course on Climate Risk Management / Adaptation Strategies Biskra, Algeria (French) [3-7 November 2013]CommunicationAlbum
Celebration of the International Day of Major Hazards (French) [13 October 2013]CommunicationAlbum
Celebration of the World Wetlands Day (Touggourt Station) (French) .[02 February 2013]Album
Use and valuation of water resources for the sustainable development of arid ecosystems (French).[13-14 November 2011]Album
Workshop on phenological monitoring of strategic and heritage species Touggourt Station (French) .[02-03 November 2011]Album
Workshop Drought analysis and adaptation strategy (French) .[21-22 November 2010]CommunicationPDFAlbum
International Training Workshop on Major Hazards and Natural Disaster Prevention and Protection Strategies Biskra (French) .[16-17 December 2009]PDFAlbum
Proceedings Intarnational Colloquium on Aridoculture Optimization of agricultural production and sustainable development (Biskra .[Tome-1][Tome-2]) (French)[13-14 December 2008]CommunicationPDFAlbum
Proceedings of international days on the impact of climate change on arid and semi-arid regions (Biskra 15-17 December 2007) (French).[15-17 December 2007]CommunicationPDFAlbum
Pilot Experience: Education and Environmental Awareness on Risks Related to Climate Change , Biskra. (French)[April 2007]Album
Proceedings of the study and awareness days on the quantification of sand in wind transit and on the fight against silting ,Ouargla (French) [21-22 January 2007]CommunicationAlbum
../Proceedings of the International Days on Desertification and Sustainable Development , Biskra. (French)[10-12 June 2006]CommunicationAlbum
Study Day: Dates and Perspectives (30 November 2006) (French)[30 November 2006]CommunicationAlbum
International Course: Natural Disaster Management , Biskra.(French)[15-18 December 2005]CommunicationAlbum
Regional workshop ROSELT / OSS Assessment and Perspectives (French)[11-13 December 2005]CommunicationAlbum
Atelier Savoirs et Savoirs-Faire and their impact on the valorisation and sustainable management of resources (Taghit 17 - 19 November 2005). (French)[17-19 November 2005]CommunicationPDFAlbum
Technical Days: Natural hazards: Flood, Forecast, Protection , Batna.(French)[15-16 December 2004]CommunicationPDFAlbum
Workshop: Training of Trainers in Education for Environment and Sustainable Development, theme: Combating desertification. Béni-Abbes, Béchar.(French)[30 Nov-03 Dec 2004]CommunicationAlbum
International Land and Water Colloquium , Annaba. (French)[21-23 November 2004]Album
Desertification Awareness Day: Desertification Conference: challenges and challenges + exhibition, Biskra. (French)[17 June 2004]Album
Water and Children’s Awareness Day, Biskra.(French)[22 March 2004]Album
Study day on the dating of climatic recordings in North Africa and hydrological and thermal events , Ouargla.(French)[03 March 2004]Album
Regional workshop on groundwater aquifers: Dynamics, exploitation and modeling by the MODFLOW and MT3D codes , Biskra.(French)[17-22 September 2003]Album
International Colloquium: Oasis, Water and Population, axes A & B, Biskra.(French)[22-24 September 2003]Album
Scientific Days of Biotechnology: Micro-organisms of industrial interest , Sétif. (French)[29-30 Avril 2003]Album
1st International Pharmaceutical Days in Biskra, Biskra. (French)[05-06 March 2003]Album
Study days on swelling soils of the region of in-amenas , Ouargla. (French)[29-30 October 2002]Album
International seminar: The development of Saharan agriculture as an alternative to exhaustible resources , Biskra. (French)[22-23 October 2002]Album
International Seminar on Dune fixing techniques, Kouthbane , Taghit. (French)[04-06 November 2001]Album
First Seminar on the contribution of solar and wind energy in sustainable development, ENERSOLE, Adrar. (French)[30-31 Octobre 2001]Album
International Seminar on sustainable Ecodevelopment in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones, ECODEV 2001 , Ghardaïa.[06-08 February 2001]PDFAlbum
International Scientific Forum: Climate prediction and strategic management of water resources in Maghreb , Adrar.[24-26 September 2001]Album
National seminar on arid zone agriculture and reconversion (Sidi Bel Abbes).[22-24 January 2001]Album
International Seminar: Saharan space and sustainable Development , Biskra.[14-16 November 2000]Album
International courses: Desertification and sustainable development: courses case , Biskra.[04-15 November 2000]Album
International Seminar: rediscovering and reinventing of silviculture in arid zones , Djanet.[27-29 October 2000]Album
Congress: The contribution of the scientific research and the new technologies in the development and the value enhancement of the arid and semi-arid regions , El-Oued.[01-04 October 2000]Album
1st National Seminar on Micro-irrigation, SNMB 2000 , Blida.[22-23 May 2000]Album
Workshop on the useful and harmful fauna of date palm tree and dates, Ouargla.[22-23 February 2000]Album
National seminar on agronomy and hydraulic in arid and semi-arid zones, Ouargla.[08-10 November 1999]PDFAlbum
National Seminar: Salinization of agricultural lands in Algeria , Chlef.[01-02 June 1999]PDFAlbum
First days on Cameline.Ouargla research, Ouargla.[25-27 May 1999]PDFAlbum
International days on date palm tree , El-Oued.[20-22 October 1998]Album
Seminar on dry lands: Retrospectives, challenges and strategies , Adrar.[25-27 April 1998]PDFAlbum
Seminar on Space tools, Arzew, CRSTRA/CNTS[05-06 May 1997]Album