International cooperation

Research programs within the framework of national cooperation:

  • The execution of a German Algerian cooperation project commited in 2011 in tripartite partnership(ENSA_higher national agronomic school _/CRSTRA, Univerity of KASSEL) using autoregulated membrane, « inproving rural livelihoods in sub-saharan Africa : sustainable and climate smart intensification of agriculture production ».it is the subject of an experiment in the bioressources station f El Outaya and another is provided at the biophysics field station of Touggourt.
  • Launching of a Tunisian Algerian cooperation on biotechnology«valorisation of Argan tree », this project follows the NRF project relative to the argan tree that allowed to capitalize a very useful results « Innovative saving irrigation technology by auto-regulative subsurface pipes »
  • In the process of launching a project of the Algerian-French cooperation with a partner CIRAD on the issue of water in arid regions in the context of climate change "Acomprehensive analysis of subsurface irrigation in SSA for an optimization and adaption of an environmental friendly the irrigation practice." This project is included as part of the convention signed between the CRSTRA, CIRAD and the University of Biskra
  • Appel à candidature Tassili 2019