National and International Conferences

Lakhdari Fattoum directress 17.12.2016,devices of management to «fight» against silting of roads in the Algerian Sahara.
National conference of universities 2016
Lakhdari Fattoum et al (2015). The oasis as an adaptation repository to extremes hot conditions. The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), with the support of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. International conference on climate change issues and the relevance of the space tool, entitled « Climate Change: a reality to be taken into account in the development trajectories: modeling, spatial tool and adaptation.» Algiers from 4 to 6 October 2015.
F. LAKHDARI: Saharan Agriculture faced with the economival and environmental : a take up challenges
F. LAKHDARI: A Search for efficient and sustainable Agriculture in Arid Regions: a take up challenge
F. LAKHDARI:Saharan Agriculture Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?
«A Generator research of Richness and Sustainable Jobs». Global Week of Entrepreneurship, Biskra, 20 November 2013;
«What Saharan Agriculture for the tomorow? » . Algerian-French workshop on Agro-ecology of MARD, Algiers, April 09th ,2013;
«The oasis model / Landmark Landmark Sahara ». Meeting FAO, Rome, 19 June 2013;
«A research strategy to support sustainable development.» Conference at the Regional Workshop / ACSAD entitled, Tunis, 27-28 February 2013.
«A research for an Efficient and Sustainable Agriculture in Arid Regions: a take up challenge. » Research bsaics, Algiers, July 2009;
« A research support to agriculture in arid regions. » Introductory Conference at the International colloquium on Arid farming and oasis crops, IRA Djerba, Tunisia, December 2009;
« Desertification: a Threat to Both Sides of the Mediterranean.» Euro-Mediterranean Agreement, Spain / Murcia, October 2009;
« Getting to know the hazards, it is better to prevent.» Working Group on the role of local authorities in the management of major hazards. Council of Europe, Paris, 11 and 12 June 2009;
« Research Strategy in Arid Regions » of CRSTRA. Conference during the inauguration of CRSTRA by his Excellency the President of the Republic, February 2008;
« Products and subproducts of the date palm tree, promising niche, an opportunity for sustainable development.» SMEs / SMIs and Crafts, National Workshop 2008;
« The oasis: a place of life, place of well being.» Regional Workshop on Ecotourism / MATET, Arab Union, Ghardaia 2008;
«The role of local authorities in the management of natural hazards, case of Algeria.» International Working Group (legislation) Europe Council / Agreement EUR-OPA Major Hazards, Paris, December 2008;
« Desertification a harsh risk increasingly supported by the public authorities in Algeria.» International workshop « Towards a new governance of natural hazards » Euro-Mediterranean Agreement, Istanbul, October 2008.