Call for Evaluators for the ERANETMED – 2nd Call

You are considered as a potential evaluator for project proposals for the joint call of “ERANETMED - JOINT CALL ON Renewable Energies, Water Resources and their connections for the Mediterranean Region”.

The main aim of ERANETMED is to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean co-ownership through means of innovation and competitive research in the societal challenges of the region. The ERANETMED aims at increasing coordination among national research programmes of European member states, associated countries and Mediterranean partner countries (MPC). The ERANETMED responds to the need to develop new ways of long-term cooperation, in which both European and MPC partners are equally participating and benefitting from the output and the opportunities created by the project. The cooperating countries are Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey and Spain. Please find more information

For the 2nd call, which is expected to be launched end of March 2016, we are still in need of evaluators from the participating countries (see above) for the proposals with a cross-sector approach in the research areas of water, renewable energies and/or food.

Specific topics will be probably:

  1. Land and soil management including societal and governance aspects, erosion and desertification and their impact on biodiversity and food availability,
  2. Impact of climate and climate change on water and energy resources management,
  3. Efficient use of water in agriculture against increasing food demand and increasing need of energy,
  4. Natural hazards (earth-break, flood, sand storms…) and risks induced by human activities and their impact on resources availability,
  5. Improved renewable energy systems at community level with a view to support sustainable water management and food production,
  6. Impact of the complex interactions between societal dynamics and the transformations of water, energy and food supply systems.

The Call Secretariat, which is in charge of all the proceedings of evaluation of the submitted proposals is based at the Project Management Agency of the German Aerospace Center (DLR- PT) in Bonn. The DLR-PT is a research funding organization supporting German Federal Ministries and EU-Institutions in project management.

Besides the Electronic Proposal System (PT-Outline), DLR-PT developed its own expert database ( having today more than 4,500 independent scientific experts in numerous research areas and countries.

If you are interested in participating as an evaluator in the Second ERANETMED Call or in any other evaluation conducted by the PT-DLR, you are kindly asked to register at

Please find further details below! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you very much for your collaboration!

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Before starting an evaluation process, registered experts will be informed about the general call content and review conditions (further details see procedure). Experts can decline evaluation any time. Usually one expert receives up to 3-5 proposals/call. Meanwhile we have around 4,500 experts in our database from various disciplines.

The matching process is undertaken by PT-DLR with an independent, electronic matching mechanism (based on impartial selection criteria) fulfilling the objective to guarantee a high quality rate of peer review. The results of the peer review evaluation form the basis for the funding decision within the respective European Framework Programme.

If you are interest please join the Expertdatabase and register here:

Independence and confidentiality of evaluators:

Evaluators are required to commit themselves by a “Declaration of Acceptance of Rules for Evaluators through” towards the Project Management Agency PT-DLR, stating that they will confirm with the principles outlined therein and will follow the rules and procedures set by PT-DLR. This includes keeping all information gained during the evaluation process confidential and not retaining (or copying) any materials that pertain to proposals or the evaluation. Evaluators shall not contact any person connected to a proposal that they have received for evaluation.

Evaluators having a link with a proposal are not allowed to participate in its evaluation and are required to declare such linkages. Similarly, an evaluator shall abstain from evaluating any proposal where s/he has any vested interest in its success or failure.

Evaluators must acknowledge such links or vested interest as soon as possible. If they have a conflict of interest in any of the proposals, evaluators are obliged to immediately inform PT-DLR and to abstain from the evaluation of the proposals concerned.

Basic principles of the evaluation:

All proposals shall be treated equally;

Evaluators will only receive proposals that have been checked by the joint call secretariat for their compliance with formal eligibility criteria;

All proposals received by the evaluators shall be completely evaluated and evaluators shall carry out a compliance check for content, for ethical principles, that the research is not of commercial or military character. In all cases of non-compliance, the reasons are to be indicated;

Each proposal shall be assessed only on the basis of the evaluation criteria published in the ‘information package’;

The evaluation of a proposal shall be based solely upon the information contained in the proposal;

All those involved in the evaluation of proposals must be impartial and shall abstain from evaluating/commenting upon proposals for which there is a conflict of interest;

Evaluators shall evaluate proposals belonging to their broader domain of expertise;

Evaluators must be able to work in the English language.

Remuneration for evaluators:

Remuneration for the evaluators depends on the specific call. If experts deal with national calls, participation is voluntarily and hence will not be remunerated. In some cases within transnational calls remuneration can be paid (if this is the case, it will be subject to the respective guidelines provided by the responsible policy officers at PT-DLR). Payments will be made after the closure of the evaluation period, based on a Payment Request signed by the evaluator and sent to PT-DLR (by fax and followed by the original by air mail).

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