Scientific Manifestations

Challenge Days. 10 and 11 December 2018

Scientific Council of CRSTRA in its ordinary session. 17 December 2017

Participation in the 3rd International Exhibition of the Dates of Biskra 'SIDABTECH', Biskra. December 2017

Participation in practical days of the implementation stages of aquaculture projects, Djamaa (El Oued). 19-20-21 October 2017

Participation in the international show of breeding and agro equipment 'SI MA'. 10-13 October 2017

Participation in valorization day of research by agricultural services, Biskra 03 October 2017

Celebrating World Environment Day 05 june 2017

Participation in thematic days on networks of strategic sectors of agriculture, Algiers. 31 may - 01 june 2017

National exhibition of research products SAFEX, Algiers 18-23 May 2017

Celebration of the International day of biodiversity. May 22, 2017

National Exhibition of Research - Palais des expositions, Algiers. 15-16 April 2017

The CRSTRA took part in the meeting (Government / Wali) in Algiers around a central question « local development» 12 and 13 November 2016

World day to combat drought and desrtification 17 June 2016

World day of Fight against Desertification and Sanding Taouila – 16thJune2015 on the theme « alimentary security for all through sustainble alimentary system » 16 June 2015

INVITATION TO A CONFERENCE-DEBATE The event will run Wednesday, May 13, 2015 from 9:30 at 14hr at CRSTRA conference room, Biskra.. May 13, 2015 from 9:30 at 14hr

Algerian-France grant schedule 2015 - 2016 PROFASB+ . 2015-2016

a study day about the role of the date palms in the Saharan environment CRSTRA Biophysic environment station RN n°3 - AïnSahra, Nezla, Touggourt , Ouargla Thursday 31th December 2015

The CRSTRA organize: Methodological workshop relating to the management of heat waves risk. Biskra conference room of the CRSTRA 08 et 09 Novembre 2015

National prize for the environment protection that will be awarded to the laureates for the celebration of the environment world day 5th June 2015

Algerian academy of sciences and technologies The deadline for submitting applications : 07 May 2015

Ministry of higher education and scientific research receives a scholarship offer in respect for the academic year 2015 -2016 from the Hungarian government: 2015-2016

Ministry of higher education and scientific research receives a scholar grant offer in respect of the academic year 2016 : 2016

Algeria - Spain meeting for scientific research and technological development 21-22 April 2015

SIDAB : First International Exhibition of the Algerian Date of Biskra. 21-24 March 2015

Scientific visit , 25 February 2015

Tassili Program , 2016

Horizon 2020 Program EU of Research and Innovation 2015

France campus, Calls for applications , 2016

University scholar grant Hankuk University 2015-2016

Elaboration of national strategy of sustainable management for Wetland «Term of reference : workshop state and perspectives for scientific research and monitoring evaluation of Wetlands » Location: CRSTRA 24/25 February 2015

Classement webmetrics Ranking Web Of Universities, 2015

TechWomen, 2015

«Wetlands for Our Future »2February 2015 Location: CRSTRA, Biophysics environment Station, RN 3 - Ain Sahra , Nezla , Touggourt. 02 Février 2015

Third session of the plenary of the intergovernmental science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystem services (ipbes-3) bonn, germany, 12-17 january 2015

PNE scholarship thesis finalization for the year 2015 «deadline for the receipt of files in the CRSTRA : 11 Février 2015

Scholarship offer : « Wallonie Bruxelles » program 2015

Contacts list of European partners for those who want to work in the themes indicated in Table 2015. National contact Point of the ARIMNET 2 project 2015


Erasmus plus program 2015 , 2015

UNESCO Recommendation concerning the conditions of scientific sesearchers , 1 November 2014

Patent: A tool for Innovation service 2015

113th edition of the award of the Islamic Development Bank of the year 1436 H (2015) for Science and Technology , year 1436 H (2015)

Conférence Water and Society, 2015

ENI AWARD Protection of the Environment Prize, 2015

The CRSTRA, as a partner of the socio-economic sectors and as a development research organization took part in the exhibition of crafts devoted to date palm by-products from Craft and Research , 20-26/12/2014

Scientific and Technical Research Center on Arid Regions CRSTRA got the 1st prize at the National Exhibition of Innovation held on 07, 08 and 9 December 2014 in Algiers: 07, 08 and 09 December 2014

The prize is for the innovation of a harvesting machine of dates clusters patented at the INAPI Algiers. 2014

The General Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development . Scientific and Technical Research Center on Arid regions . Organized in association with the state agency for supporting and employing youth of the state of Biskra. Workshop on:Entrepreneurship in the community of the university 25 November 2014

Jakarta, 12 au 15 Nov 2014

The CRSTRA participates in Inter-Food exhibition in Jakarta (Indonesia) scheduled from 12 to 15 November 2014

The Direction Of Technological Development and Innovation organizes a:Workshop on management tools for research and development CERIST, Algiers, 4-6 November 2014

04th International Course on Integrated Pest Management, Izmir, Turkey, 03-07 November 2014

ABHS: Information Technical Day On Water Economy and The Preservation of its quality 2014 , 2014

Ranking Web Of Universities, 2014

International Grants Program offered by India 2014 , 2014

The CRSTRA exhibits at Toulouse innovation show room (CSI) of assessed results from a specific development research on arid environments. The stand is discussed by a researcher from the agricultural mechanization team 'Nourani Ahmed'', 16-17-18-September-2014

5th International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2014'Integrative Risk Management - The role of science, technology & practice' Davos, Switzerland. 24-28 August 2014

Celebration of World Day to combat desertification and drought CRSTRA Biskra , 17 June 2014

World Wetlands Day on the theme : 'Wetlands and agriculture', Touggourt Station , 2 February 2014

Workshop of phonological monitoring of strategic and heritage species Touggourt , 02-3 November 2011

Use and valorization of water resources for sustainable development of arid ecosystems Biskra, 13-14 November 2011

Workshop Drought Analysis and adaptation strategies Biskra , 21-22 November 2010

International Workshop of Training on the Major Risks and Natural disasters BISKRA , 06-10 December 2009

International colloquium on Dryland farming : “ Optimization of agricultural production and sustainable development” Biskra 13-14 December 2008

International Days on the impact of climate change on arid and semi-arid regions Biskra , 15-17 December 2007

Typical experience of Education and Environmental Awareness on risks on Climate Change Biskra, 21 April 2007

Study Days and awareness on the quantification of sand wind transit and the fight against desertification , 21-22 January 2007

International Days on Desertification and Sustainable Development , 10-12 June 2006

Regional workshop on groundwater aquifers, 'Dynamic , exploitation and modeling and by MODFLOW and MT3D codes', Biskra , September 2003

Scientific Days of Biotechnology:'Micro-organisms of industrial interest' Setif, April 2003

International Seminar on dunes fixation techniques, Koutbane, Taghit , November 2001

International Forum:'Climate Prediction and strategic management of water resources in the Maghreb', Adrar , September 2001

National Seminar on the problematic of dryland agriculture and retraining, Sidi Bel Abbes , January 2001

International seminar : 'Rediscover and reinvent a silviculture in arid zones 'Djanet, October 2000

Congress The contribution of the scientific research and the new technologies in the development and the value enhancement of the arid and semi-arid regions, El Oued, October 2000

National seminar on Micro-irrigation, SNMB 2000 Blida , May 2000

Workshop on useful and harmful fauna of the date palm tree and date, Ouargla , February 2000.

National Seminar on agronomy and hydraulics in arid and semi-arid regions , Ouargla, November 1999

National Seminar on salinization of agricultural lands (collection of abstracts) in Algeria, Chlef, June 1999

National Seminar on salinization of agricultural lands in Algeria, Chlef, June 1999

First Days on Camel research, Ouargla, May 1999

International Days of the date palm tree , Oued Souf, CRSTRA / USTHB . . 20-22 October 1998

Seminar on arid zones , retrospectives, Issues and Strategies, Adrar, 25-27 April 1998

Seminar on space tools, Arzew CRSTRA/CNTS. 5-6 May 1997